How many dog breeds do you offer and what kind of pure breeds do you have?

Currently, we offer our customized jewelry for more than 30 breeds that are pure and highly popular among dog lovers.

Why can’t I find my dog breed here?

If you are unable to find your dog breed or the exact mix, you can place a custom order and we will make it for you. Contact us at info@yellowfrogstudio.com and provide us with the complete description of your dog and customization details along with image(s). We will confirm and place your order.

How can I order a type of product that is not on your list?

You can contact us at info@yellowfrogstudio.com and provide us with the details; description, style and material that you want your product to be made of along with your dog’s picture. We will send you a quote immediately and after receiving your confirmation, we will proceed with your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our products are entirely handmade and due to this reason, it can take around 8 to 12 business days to prepare it for shipping. The time of your product’s shipping depends on the delivery method. For further details, please refer to our shipping and tracking page.

What materials are used to create the product?

Our standard products are made of finest and premium quality Sterling Silver. However, if you wish to place a custom order for other metals such as gold and platinum, you can send us the details of your desired material at info@yellowfrogstudio.com. As per your request, we can use all kinds of precious stones and metals in custom orders.

Where are your products manufactured and shipped from?

Our unique handmade dog jewelry is made and shipped from our workshop in Toronto, Canada so that we have ultimate control on the source of material and quality of products. Moreover, our central courier company is in Canada post. However, we have mentioned other options at your check out. For further details, please refer to our shipping and tracking page.

How is your dog jewelry different from other similar dog jewelry in the industry?

We firmly believe in the artist's touch and the perfection it gives to the art piece. Our jewelry is purely handmade whereas mostly the dog jewelry in the market is designed and crafted by computers and machines.

Designed with love and compassion, our jewelry is entirely handcrafted with no use of digital technology. Each product is meticulously designed, sculpted and polished by our professional and skilled jewelry artists who have been working in this profession for decades.